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Bunkhouse Trailers The More The Merrier

Cool fall nights, toasty campfire, and warm comfort food make fall the perfect time to go camping. With a bunkhouse trailer, you can bring the entire family on your next outdoor adventure. 

Bunkhouse trailers are ideal for family camping adventures:

  • They maximize sleeping space AND usable floor space. By stacking the beds, you have plenty of room for sleeping campers inside without sacrificing space for supplies.
  • Three living zones: The kid-zone (stackable beds), the living-zone (shared living space), and the parent-zone (front bedroom suite with walk around queen bed).
  • They’re great for growing families. A family – no matter what size – can always use more room when they camp. Unused beds provide additional storage space until the family needs the extra sleeping accommodations. Even if your camping crew needs all the beds at night, the bunks can be used to store gear by day.
  • And they’re great for guests. If “The More, The Merrier” is your camping motto, then a bunkhouse trailer is perfect as you’ll have plenty of room for guests. Take the opportunity to share and enjoy your adventures.


If your ready to buy a bunkhouse trailer, or have any questions about them, our knowledgeable staff at Good Guys RV is here to help. Visit us in person at 11768 Mariposa Rd, Hesperia, CA or call us at (760) 947-3017.


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